Segno and rehearsal mark in one bar

I’m working on a big band score, placed a rehearsal mark and a sego-sign in the same bar 17.
The segno appeared above the rehearsal mark.
So in Engrave mode I moved the sego to the left and the RM to the right with 'Start offset.
This worked fine in the score, but nothing happened to the parts. How can I do this move for the parts in one go?

Select the items you shifted and while in Engrave mode choose Edit > Propagate Properties. I tried it and noticed the command did not seem to work in Write mode, presumably because that offset property is not available in Write mode.

You can propagate properties more efficiently in the future by changing “Locally” to “Globally” on the right-side of the Properties panel before making changes.

Thanks a lot, Mark…
I haven’t got it working yet. I managed to change the custom scale in the score and propagated it in all parts. Great.
But for some season the 'start offset does not work.

I did some testing today. Tried it over and over.
Propagate properties works fine for changing the size of a segno mark or making a rehearsal mark cue size.
But changing the ‘start offset’ in Engrave mode has only affect in the score. Not to the underlaying parts. What am I missing?

Did you make sure you’re in Engrave mode when you do the propagation? You didn’t mention it. It works for me in both 3.5 and 4.1.

It also works to just choose “Globally” at the top of the Properties panel and make changes.

I’m not in front of Dorico right now but, at least in my experience, it’s expected that the staff-relative positions of system-attached objects can’t be propagated to staves aside from the top one in the score. For instance, if you manually adjust a tempo mark above the piccolo staff in an orchestral score, Dorico can retain that position in the piccolo part. It won’t retain it in the flute parts, oboe parts, clarinet parts etc.

I’d love to see improvements in this area, but to the best of my knowledge such improvements haven’t yet been made.

Mark, I did the propagation in Engrave mode, Start offset changes can be done only in Engrave Mode afaik.
You wrote it worked fine for you in 4.1. Did you also test a change in the ‘start offset’ like a horizontal move? Because a propertie-change like in ‘scale’ or ‘custome scale’ works fine here as well.

Leo, unfortunatly it looks like you are right.
Maybe someone from the Dorico team could confirm this?
It looks like I will be spending the rest of the evening with editing 17 big band parts…

I can indeed confirm it. You can’t propagate properties for system-attached items at the moment.

Ah, of course. I hadn’t tried more than one part. Apologies for faulty testing.