Segno signs

Hello Dorico users

I’m very much enjoying Dorico’s beautiful layout. But we could really do with some proper segno signs.
I’ve using the recommended workround for the segno mark. (from

But if I import by copy–>paste then it forces wrong line spacing on all my parts. And they have to be corrected one at a time.
Segno - bad line spacing.png
And if I type it in in Unicode, then it sits on top of the staff.

It can be adjusted with the adjust baseline option, but the position is still wrong in every part and needs to be changed individually.

Any suggestions as to how to how to make this workable?

If you’re willing to wait a few days (maybe weeks if there’s an unexpected hiccup in the development), Da Capo and Dal Segno functionality is announced for the next update, which could be released any moment now. Apart from that, you can switch off the ‘Avoid collisions’ property for the text object to keep your staff spacing in order. I guess you can propagate this property to all layouts. Make sure you use the Bravura Text font for the segno, not plain Bravura.
Hmm, I tried this myself and discovered that propagate properties doesn’t work in this case. Bug or intended behaviour?

Propagate Properties doesn’t (and can’t) work on System Text, because the distance from the System Text to the top staff in the score is likely to be different to the distance from the top staff in the parts.

I don’t understand why that would impede the propagation of the collision avoidance property. If you switch the avoidance off, you take a deliberate risk the text item will sometimes protrude in the staff/system above it, but it’s not forbidden. Now you have to set the property separately in every layout.
Wouldn’t most musical objects adjust their appearance and/or position depending on the layout they appear in?

To put it another way: Propagate Properties doesn’t work on System Text, full stop, because the relationship between System Text and individual staves in a project sometimes needs to differ from layout to layout.

Bear in mind that Propagate Properties is a stopgap measure that will be replaced (or at least complemented) by a future feature.

Fair enough. It will only get better.

Thanks to PjotrB and Pianoleo for their advice. I’ve got a week or so till I have to send this to the musicians. So I’ll see if the next update comes in that time.

You’re in luck, there’s a Facebook event planned for tomorrow (Tuesday 27) about the 2.2 update.
You can probably expect the update this week (if not tomorrow)!

I am aware of the “Discover Dorico” session on Wednesday the 28th but don’t use Facebook much but can’t find a link to a Facebook event for tomorrow, Tuesday the 27th. Is there a link to the Facebook event on the 27th?

Thanks, Dan. I haven’t checked time differences between London, UK and Brisbane, Australia but at least on the surface, it appears the two events happen on the same day. Oh well!