Segno symbol

Where can I found our how could I create the ‘segno’ symbol normaly associated with ‘DC al segno’?

Many thanks in advance.

I’ve been a SCORE user for the last 35 years, and can’t believe how powerful, easy and pleasant to use Dorico is…

For now Dorico’s still missing the functionality to place these things automatically. However, you can paste a segno from here as (Shift-X) text and then resize accordingly.

Frustratingly, if you have multiple parts/layouts/instruments you’ll have to place it individually in each voice.

Unfortunately at the moment there’s no built-in support for these kinds of repeat signs – they have to be created as text. Check this earlier post for more information. As of Dorico 1.1 you can use Shift+Alt+X to create system-attached text that will appear in every layout.

It would be great if these symbols could be made native in Dorico, even if playback doesn’t follow them (for now). It’d be so much easier than copy/pasting from a website which also means the size invariably needs adjusting. I use these a lot, so it’d be a big help to have the process easier.

I think you can be fairly sure that eventually these text repeats will be implemented.
To quote the musical Hamilton: “Wait for it.”

Obviously, they will be implemented at some point. What I am suggesting is that they could be placed natively in the program as text BEFORE the coding to make Dorico play them back is written. IOW, I am proposing a two-step process. 1) Add these to Dorico as click-to-enter text options. 2) When development gets there, make them play back accurately.

It seems to me that the first step I’m suggesting ought to be relatively simple to implement quickly.

if you input the Segno symbol once via Shift-Alt-X: from then on just copy/paste in your score. That is quite simple too and works well for the mean time. You don’t have to go to the webpage every time.

Maybe so, but there are hundreds of other things that need adding which also “ought to be relatively simple to implement quickly.”

I don’t know if Daniel ever sang Figaro’s aria from “Barber of Seville”, but the line “Uno alla volta, per carità!” seems quite appropriate :wink:

Wait, isn’t that from How I Met Your Mother? :smiley: