Segue from flow 1 to flow 2

Is it possible to remove the pause between two flows without affecting the entire collection globally?

Do you mean the playback pause?

if so, go to Playback Options, using Ctrl+Shift+P

and set gap between flows to 0.

Got that. What Iā€™m trying to do is remove the pause only between Flow 1 and Flow 2, not globally.

Ah okay, sorry. There is no way to do this, unfortunately.

I would think one could add very short flows of silence between the places where a pause was required. Include those silent/pause flows in a layout designed for audio export but not in the layouts for printing.

(A nod to John Cage for that. :wink:)

Or set the minimum gap between flows in playback to the shortest duration you want overall, then use e.g. hidden slow tempos at the very end of other flows to simulate the same effect.

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