SEL issues

just got cubase 10.5 pro, digital purchase online. got my activation code which said i could activate and operate Cubase with the SEL and downloaded/install everything. opened eLCC and my soft eLicencer on my harddrive showed up, hit enter activation code, pops windows saying select elicenser to download license, and my hard drive SEL is greyed out with a red circle with a line through it. Am I doing something wrong or do I have to actually buy a dongle separately even tho the email said “As soon as the license transfer has been completed, the new license will be listed in the eLicenser Control Center under “Soft-eLicenser (SeL)”. Your software is now activated and ready for operation.”

Hi and welcome,

What Cubase edition do you want to activate (LE/AI/Elements/Artist/Pro)?

Have you entered Activation Code or Download Access Code? Activation Code has to be used here.

10.5 Pro. I entered the download access code to gain access to the activation code. When I enter the activation code i get the pop up that says “select the elicenser that you wish to download the license to” and my internal hard drive that has the SEL set up on it pops up as an available option but it is greyed out and has a red circle with a line through it (not selectable) and it says to insert an elicenser usb.


For Cubase Pro, you need an USB-eLicenser.

Cubase Pro and Artist requires USB dongle and will not run from SEL.