Selecing only one channel in a stereo file?

Hi all!

How do i select only one channel in the wave-editor in a stereo file? I know you can do this in Wavelab, so i guess you can’t do this in Cubase :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance!


You cant. it should be possible but for some unknown reason it’s not.

That is rather ridiculous! “Maybe” the reason is to buy Wavelab? :slight_smile:

Should be marked as a needed feature to me! Not be able to chose just one channel is not a very professional way of working! But then again…


Guess you will have to re-import the file as a split stereo file. Or if you have already done edits to the original file, export it as a split stereo file and re-import it.

Yeah, that’s the only option i know of also :frowning: Not that i do this every day, but it would be a handy feature nevertheless!