Select 1 part from begin to end quickly


I’m coming from Sibelius and I’m trying to find a quick way to select the beginning till the end of one part.

In Sibelius you can double click on a part. That entire part is selected from begin till the end without having to scroll from the beginning of the part till the end. Is this also possible in Dorico?

There is currently no such method for doing this with the mouse.

There is a way to select everything to the end of the flow and I’m almost certain that you can assign your own key command:

Select the first note > Edit > Select To End Of Flow

You can also press Ctrl/Cmd+End and that will navigate to the last page straight away. So, that would be:

Select your first note > Ctrl/Cmd+End > Shift+click the last note


Hi @frans.rinsma there is the function Select More
EDIT: but as you can see from the helpful comments below, it is not recommended. (Sorry for my dangerous advice :slight_smile: )


Yes and no @Christian_R . It’ll select objects of any type that exist in the initially selected bar; it won’t select any other type of object.

This is dangerous advice if you really do want to select everything on an instrument, as, for instance, if there’s a Shift-X text item further along the stave but not in the initial bar, Select More won’t grab the text item.


Thanks a lot. I’ve made my own key command now for this.

+1. Even worse, Dorico doesn’t consider tuplets with this either. If there’s not a tuplet in the first bar, you won’t get any tuplet durations to select and then your paste will be entirely screwed up (if copying and pasting) if you have any tuplets anywhere in that part.

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Given the limitation of the property panel that it can only show properties for one kind of item at a time, Select More’s behaviour is very useful for when you wish to e.g. apply a property to a whole passage of notes (which wouldn’t be possible if tuplets were simultaneously selected). Still, it’s further advice for why Select More shouldn’t be assumed to be a proxy for selecting everything through to the end of a Flow.