Select a measure and all its contents; select an entire line

Coming from Finale, I’m using some of the lingo from that app. One thing that was very helpful was being able to click on a measure and select the entire measure and its contents easily. Is there some sort of measure-selection tool in Dorico? I’ve been able to select some things by click/drag to select items, but if I’m not careful I end up with too much (parts of the measure below it, for example) or too little (miss the lyrics, a tuplet or an articulation).

Also, is there a way to click and select an entire part in order to copy/paste to another line or another flow? Again, the best I could find was shrinking things down to very small (25%) and click/drag to select. It was hit/miss about what I got and what I didn’t. Since click/drag doesn’t move the window over, I can’t just start at the beginning of a part and drag to the end of the piece. It makes it very difficult to duplicate or copy.

Can someone let me know what I’m missing?

I’m afraid you’re not missing anything — Dorico is. We will be working on features to make it easier to select larger chunks of music as a high priority, and I hope that at least the beginnings of some improvements in this area will be in the first update.