Select a voice on one stave; top, bottom note in a chord

Hi, I would like to ask if there is some way in Dorico to select a particular voice on a same stave? Is there some possibility to select a top, bottom or even 2nd, 3rd voice in a chord? It is very useful functionality in Sibelius which I couldn’t fin on Dorico. Is it solved in some other way? Did I miss something?
Thank you

Not yet, but we intend to add such filtering functions soon.

Thank you Daniel very much. Nice to hear such filtering functions are in progress:)

Just to stress an importance of such functionality. I tried to move from Sibelius to Dorico today. Unfortunately unsuccessfully again. Dorico is great to compose but still not that much usable for arrangements. Working with XML files a priority task for me (I guess for other users as well) is to extract a particular voice from one stave, which contains 2 or more voices. For example arrangement for string orchestra, wind ensemble or symphony orchestra using as initial material a piano score etc…I hope so much such filtering functionality (select 2nd, 3rd voice, select bottom, second note in chord etc.) will come already with a NEXT (!) Dorico update:)

mipi, let us not stress “our” team. There are other people expecting other things and we can not really speed up the developement this way. If you are happy with the arrange functionality in Sibelius, why not keep using it? At the end you can always import the result via XML into Dorico :wink:

I’ll add my vote for this functionality too. It would be a big help!


I too, add my vote for this functionality. Would definitely make my workflow easier.

Hi :slight_smile: Any update on filters for selecting specific voices? Just switched to Dorico from Sibelius, and this is a function I use all the time.

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Welcome to the forum, Nikolai. These have existed for some time, on the Edit > Filters menu. Select More is another time-saver in this area: if you select a note or notes belonging to a single voice, then type Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-A, it’ll select the notes in that voice in that bar. If you type it again it’ll expand the selection to the whole system. Type it again and it’ll expand the selection to the whole flow.

It’s well worth checking the dates on forum posts; Dorico has grown pretty swiftly over the past few years so information from 2017 is likely to be inaccurate.