Select All - Change Midi Channel in Key Editor.

Hi all!

Just wondering,

When I select all the events and change their MIDI channel on the Info Bar, only the notes change their assigned channel, but not the automation. I have to then go and manually select the automation and repeat to get them assigned to the proper channel.
I’m missing something?

Also, probably related, I have the notes colored by channel, but what about the automation?, is it possible to filter by MIDI channel?

Thanks a lot!


The MIDI CCs are most often linked with the MIDI Notes in the MIDI Part.

If you want to change the Channel of the MIDI Notes and CCs, do it with Logical Editor or in the List Editor.

Thanks Martin!.

Even though, doing it through the Logical Editor or List Editor, “works” for doing it once in a while, it’s not something pleasant if you find yourself doing lots of small changes.

I guess, the main question is, If the events are selected, why changing the channel on the Info Bar does not apply the changes when there are mixed events (notes + automation) selected, but if I select only the automation or only the notes it works.

And why is not automation colored in the same way notes are? by channel, by part?
It is almost impossible to visually understand to what channel the automation belongs (maybe I’m missing something here). Would love to know if this is actually possible.

I don’t know why, but it’s by design.