Select ALL channels in MixConsole & Pre Gain change affects all channels?

Windows 10
Cubase Pro 11

Rather than post multiple questions that most may view as “newbie” I have been watching as many Cubase 11 tutorial videos that I can find.

In one such video it shows a quick fix for basic Gain Staging where by the presentor selects all channels seemingly with one click (I presume this is by Shift click) and then in the Pre section of the rack when the gain for one channel is changed so is it for all of the channels - very handy when you have a large project with umpteen tracks.
This is the video:

However when I follow what is shown in the video I can only change the pre-gain level one track at a time.

Is there some handy tip on this?


Alt + Shift does the trick. By holding this, you enable the Q-Link and you can edit the same parameter of all selected tracks at once.

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Hi Martin

Thank you for your super quick reply and your suggestion works perfectly.

Thanks again.