Select All Copies of the Same Audio Clip?

Is there a command to select all copies of the same audio clip? I often use a bunch of clips on the same track and then need specific ones selected.

By default, if you copy any audio clip and use them repeatedly anywhere on a track; any changes made to one clip will inadvertently affect all copies of that clip on the track.

So if you perform any audio processing to any one of those copies, it will be applied to all other copies as well. Taking that into consideration, if you still feel you have a specific “need” to select only those copies and require a command then you’ll likely have to leverage the Project Logical Editor and create a macro to do that.

I’ve used the editor a few times to do things such as select all MIDI notes at a specified pitch and perform some action like move so many steps up the scale or delete them or whatever I define.

It is a bit more of an advanced feature of Cubase that I suspect a majority are either unaware of, have no immediate need of or simply don’t understand. It takes a minute to understand it but once you get it, its a time saver for these types of tasks.

Here’s a link that may help to break some ground in understanding what the PLE does: Manage Tracks in Cubase with Project Logical Editor : Ask.Audio

The other option would be to go into the key commands window and see if there are any pre-defined macros and/or key commands within Cubase that closely resemble what you’re attempting to do and modify it to create your own macro there.

Hope that helps you out :wink: