Select all Db?

Hello, I have an „enharmonic“ question.
During an XML Export<>Import from Logic to Dorico all C# was turned into Db.
Is there an option to „select all Db“ and than chaining it to C#.

Or do have to change them all one by one?

Thank you for help.

Yes, you can filter by pitch, via right-click–Filter.

Thanks you, but a bit too general for me, sorry.
What does “filter” mean? select or hide?
When I got to the filter by pitch dialogue and insert db… nothing changes in the selection afterwards.
Is that what you meant?


In the attached gif, i made an example where i have filtered all the d# and respelled to eb. I hope that helps.

Here is the German-language documentation for this feature.

Ah thanks you both … I´ll try that.