Select All feature

I have used Spectralayers 5 and am looking at changing to the latest version but one issue for me is a bit of a showstopper.

In version 5, I could highlight a layer and either press Ctl A to select all or use the box tool to select a specific area. Most importantly it would then highlight only the audio data within that selected area be it the complete layer or a selected area but not the box itself. This was perfect as I could then use the highlighted audio as a template on other layers.
Version 7 differs in that If a layer or boxed area is highlighted in the same way, upon pasting It will cut a square hole in the audio the size of the selection box and just leave the pasted data the the box shaped hole it has just cut. this makes use as a template impossible

This is a very different behaviour and I wondered if there was a way in settings that the select command could work in the same way as version 5 did as an option.

Hi, if you don’t want to cut a hole in your destination layer when pasting, simply deselect first (Ctrl+D) and then paste (Ctrl+V).
It will add (mix) the clipboard content to your layer instead of replacing the current selected area.

I did try that which works but it does feel a bit clunky having to deselect the highlighted box before pasting as highlighted or not you cannot see the audio being moved on an application with a core function to see and visualise what you are doing. A side effect being a little clumsy sometimes is to inadvertently hit the keys on the keyboard/mouse and shift the pre pasted audio on the timeline without realising until it reappears in the wrong place.
I realise that although I an comparing a product all be it with a very similar look and feel with one by a previous company things have been rewritten and changed in a lot of cases very much improved, but this basic function feels a bit of a step backwards.
Could it possibly be a selectable option in a future update to view selected audio and having it remain visible until the paste function is invoked a bit like V5