"Select All" for Cycle/Track multi export

Current workflow is:
Use macro to create cycle marker for all parts of a track, then rename them based on some pattern.
Now when I want to export my cycle markers I have to click every single one of them in the export.

It would be really nice to have a Select All/Select None option in the export dialog, for both cycle markers and tracks. Shouldn’t be too difficult to implement and would greatly improve my workflow (as I sometimes have up to 50 markers)

I Agree… a “All” “None” option would be interesting, but like you, I sometimes have to export a lot of cycle markers at once and I can do it easily by just clicking on the first marker, hold shift, click on the last marker and all markers will be selected, just click any check box and all markers will be checked and ready to export!
Hope this helps!

Wow, this is really good to know. Never heard of this feature. I still think having this option would be a good idea.