Select all kick drum notes in drumset part

Is it possible to select (filter) all kick drum notes in a drumset part? I want to select all the kicks and copy this to a separate part.
I have tried to display the drumset as a grid view where all the kick are on a separate stave, but I can’t select them without selecting all notes.

If you select Single-line instrument in Layout options for unpitched percussion, then select the first note in your kick drum, then select until the end of flow (Edit menu) it does work. Hope it helps!

Hi Marc, yes thanks. I thought the grid view did the same so I had not tried it today. A couple of months ago I did it :slight_smile:

Thanks to Marc for this tip. Is this still the best way to select all single instruments from a drum set. Or are there better options available now?

Yes, this is still the best way for the time being. I hope in future we’ll be able to extend the Select More feature to work with notes on percussion kits, but that’s not implemented as yet.