Select all MIDI Parts containing the same notes

with the Logical (Project?) Editor is it possible to Select all the MIDI Parts containing the same notes?

I would like Cubase to select all the same MIDI Parts (with the same content), starting with a reference (selected?) Part.

I hope it is possible, thanks!

No. Though the question isn’t exactly clear.

But if you tell the forum about what this would accomplish for you, or what problem this would solve it would be helpful.

I was afraid of this answer …

However: Instrument track with many Parts, some Parts contain the same notes (they are not Shared Copies), other Parts contain different notes.

I would like to select one of these Parts and with a PLE (or LE) Cubase would show me which Parts are identical.

Patience, I will have to open all the Parts and compare them “manually” … feature request?

The basic thing missing here is that Cubase can’t

  • look inside a midi part,
  • save the notes as a list of variables, and
  • then go look for them elsewhere.

This has often been requested though.

So something like this is too tedious – it would require Logical Editor preset with a list of the necessary pitches.

Select pitch A (or)
Select pitch G# (or)
Select pitch F

Sorry about that…