Select all midi track + see all track colors


I need to see all colours fully when I select all midi tracks. Now, if I select all midi tracks it seems only one part of all midi tracks is shown in full colour, the rest is somewhat faded away. I need to see everything for recording purposes. I was able to figure it out in cubase 5 before but in Cubase 7 I cant seem to figure it out.

Here is a image to clarify:

Any help is greatly appreciated



It’s always been like that, hasn’t it? Because only one of the parts is active in the editor, only the events in that part get the full colour, the rest are faded.


Well, just look at this video. I made that in cubase 5.5:

it seems the colours have been faded more in 7. meh :frowning:

yeah, I think 5 to 6 was when the big change in color and transparency happened. Wasn’t a fan then, still not. I still want transparent events. I still want to control the intensity of selected, instead of the black box. The grid overlay, is a poor substitute and the transparent while dragging misses the entire point of transparent events.

Well, well, you live and learn. Nice tune btw. Sent it off to any production libraries yet?

It’s part of my own project on :slight_smile:
this is the link to it: