Select all mixer channels

Am I just stupid? I can’t find the way to do this. I just need to lower all faders at once. Selecting all events and reducing gain won’t work for me because of threshold levels on multiple SS Triggers.

Select first mixer chan that you want to adjust
Shift click last mixer chan that you want to adjust
(all chans between will be selected)
Make sure mixer window is topmost my clicking on its title bar.
Use keyboard up / down arrow keys to adjust levels.
(quickest way I know.)


you friggen rule!! Exactly what I needed. Thanks man!

Glad to help :wink:

Nice one Tony, that’s been bugging me too :sunglasses:

Hey guys

Just a heads up here. Watch out for the arrow up/down method of adjusting faders. I’ve noticed that the relative volume between channels is not kept using this method.

Try this to test out for yourselves.

Step 1 - Create 2 channels.
Step 2 - Set channel 1 to 0db . Set channel 2 to -5db. (5db difference)
Step 3 - Select both channels and using the arrow method, decrease channel 1 by about 10 dbs (difficult to get precise values using the arrow keys) . This gives you a level of about -20dbs on channel 2. (10db difference)

Repeat steps 1 and 2.
Step 3 - Select both channels, then right click and select link channels. Now lower channel 1 by 10dbs. Channel 2 will read -15dbs keeping the exact difference of 5dbs.

I’ve messed up a couple mixes using the arrow up/down method without realizing that I was changing the relative volumes of all my faders till it was too late.



Very nice catch Kev Vin,
Looks to me like the Shift+click method maintains a constant physical (or graphical) relationship between the faders while the link channels maintains a dB relationship.


For automated tracks, is there an option to select all the volume automation?

open automation track, rightclick, select all…

Tip: there is a key command " show all volume automation", e.g.