Select all NOT work

I have a problem

The command select everything until the end of the flow don’t work… why?

I select a chord symbol, and i go to EDIT menù, choose the command but nothing happens

What mode are you in?

in write mode

I could be wrong, but I thought “select to end of flow” didn’t work for chord symbols, only for the music itself.

You want to use “select more.” Or use the system track, and filter select only chord symbols.

I’m sure yesterday worked also with chord symbols…i’ve worked all Day…

Ok, thanks, I will do as you advise me

I checked to confirm. No, the command Select to End of Flow does not work when a chord symbol is selected. It only works when a staff item is selected. I assume it’s because chord symbols exist on an independent track, and so are subject to slightly different behavior in this regard.

Select More is the command you want (or system track with filter).

Thank you very much!
This forum Is fantastic!!