Select all notes of same pitch in Drum Editor

From the manual…“To select all notes of a certain pitch, press Ctrl/Cmd and click on a key in the keyboard display to the left.”

This seems to only apply to the Key Editor, not the Drum Editor.

Can it be done in Drum Editor?

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worked it out…

for anyone else wondering the same: hold Shift while double-clicking on the first note


Thank you for posting the answer!


Thanx from here too :slight_smile:

Yup, and another thank you!

Cool, but why doesn’t ctrl + click on the note name select all notes?

That would make the behavior consistent with the key editor!

This now no longer works with C12.

Any ideas how to do this?

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Any ideas how to select all notes in a single row in the Drum Editor?

In the editor, select your note, right-click, select from the 3 options:

Good old time-tested right-click menu., Beautiful. Thanks!