Select all notes of same pitch in MIDI event,Can Only One Pitch Be Selected At A Time

I know that i can select all midi notes of the same pitch by Ctrl/Cmd + click to the key on the left-hand keyboard in the Key Editor but i was wondering can this be done for more than one pitch at the same time.
How To Select Notes Of Same Pitch

So in this image, - imagine i have HUNDREDS of notes of the same pitch for each of these notes
Is it possible to select say all the Notes at C,all The Notes on G,and All The Notes on B
Just curious if this can be done

You can use the MIDI Logical Editor for that. I’ve highlighted the important bits:

Thanks,i forgot about the logical edicotor,i used to use it many years ago ,im trying to get up to speed with midi and vsti after about a 10 year break,ive got a lot to learn lol