Select all record armed tracks?

Can any of you macro / logical editor wizards figure out a way to select all record armed tracks? I’m stumped…


As you cannot select Property Is Set is Record Enabled in the PLE, I’m afraid this is not possible.

Bummer. I’m prepared to go as far as an AutoHotkey script if somebody can guide me…


I doubt AutoHotkey can retrieve this information. Can you use MIDI with AutoHotkey? If yes, you could use MIDI Remote script with it too get this information about every single track.

If you don’t mind to always use Project Logical Editor to Enable/Disable the Record for any track (so you would need to disable the selected tracks becomes record enabled automatically option in the preferences… Then you could use a “flag” in the Track name. For example R. Then you can search for this flag in the track name and let the Project Logical Editor act accordingly.

Thanks Martin. I don’t think it can use MIDI… Is there a way to select all tracks within a selected folder? Not having any successing building that one in the logical process editor either…


You can click the Record Enable button on the Folder. All children tracks will follow.

Yes, but sorry, this is for a different macro I’m building… (Unrelated to the record arm/disarm). Is it possible? Thanks


Sorry, I’m not with Cubase at this moment, so I can provide just a mock-up…

In the PLE, there is the filter Parent is Selected. By using this, you can achieve your request.

( Type Is | Equal | Track | And
Parent Object | Parent is Selected ) // Or something like this


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