Select all Tracks of a Folder (Track)

Simple as it says: I have many folders with lots of tracks in them. Now I just want to select all tracks of a particular folder with a comman, macro (simple one) or a click…but still in Cubase 10.5 Pro there is no such function available by my knowleadge and research.
I found discussions here where peiople created something but it is not that easy and not fail-save!
Please add this simple function (like right click on a folder > Select all track)

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I had a similar idea but with events, ie, double clicking on a folder event, would select all events that make up that folder event.

If you had track selection follows event selection enabled, this would also accomplish your request perhaps

Thanks for your reply. I made a PLE which does the job for me somehow. You must have all kind of tracks in their / a folder.
Then I can expand a specific folder and run the command and it will only select the tracks which are visible of the expanded folder.
It is a bit risky if you have really large projects and then tracks may not even be in folders. But for my rather small, it works ok.
Would be great if Steinberg will add such a function so that you could even run a Macro by using folder names and then just execute a selection like a charm.

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That’s why they made PLE, so they don’t have to make every function - make it yourself! :smiley:

Yes and no, because PLE cannot fix things which don’t exist. For the select all tracks of a folder, that is not a function hence you cannot create a smart PLE thing for it. What I did for myself is a workaround and certainly not applicable for many. Also, there a so many missing workflow enhancements in regards of managing tracks (either create, delete, select or manipulate).