Select All Volume Envelope Points

Is there a secret shortcut to select all the volume points of a clip envelope? I see a menu option to Deselect All Points, and Reset All but sometimes when you have a complex volume envelope point automation, you may want to raise the entire thing up or down.

I seem to get inconsistent results where sometimes I can find the right place to grab the envelope where all points are changed equally, but sometimes just that section is moved.

I can manually select all the points and then move the envelope up or down but when you have more than few points this can take too much time and clicking.

Is there there a fast way to select all the volume envelope points in one command?

Drag the envelope line, and the whole lot moves; no selection required. If the points are so close that you can’t select between them, just expand the display temporarily.


Thanks. I think somehow I was overthinking this or subconsciously holding command while grabbing the line which indeed moves just that section.

I get it again :smiley:

Use Alt + click and drag to select multiple points with the mouse.