Select and cut not working! Can anybody explain what is this?

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Could YOU explain, please? Some background would help. What did you do? What did try to do?

I ask this for my friend. He recently updated to MacOS Ventura and this happened. He doesnt know is this maybe some strange feature or real problem with Cubase & Ventura compatibility…I never saw something like this…It is really strange…


But what he did?

Did he cut all the Audio Events? Is the Cross Zero Time enabled? How long is the time among the Audio Events starts? Is it just a few samples?

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He just wanted to split all files at cursor as usual and this started… I really dont know how to turn this option off if there is an option for that. It looks crazy. Maybe by mistake he enabled Cross Zero Time. We can try to see is that maybe making this mess…Thanks for advice !

In Cubase 12 the button looks like this:

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Thanks! We solved the problem!