Select articulations

I’d like to copy the articulations from one passage to another but I can’t find a way to filter just the articulations (accents, staccatos etc…) from the selection.
Is there a way to do that?


Nope. The quickest way is to copy and paste the notes, then repitch accordingly (using L to retype pitches, leaving the rhythm intact).

This is really a major disadvantage. As a Finale user this is one of the most used commands. Filter-copy only articulations.

Articulations in Dorico are not independent items; they’re part of the note to which they’re attached. So I imagine it would not be as simple as just adding another category for the filter.

You can of course select notes and apply the articulations with a key command (similar to Finale). If you want to apply a regular pattern of different artics, then you can repeat it by recording a script while you add them, and then run the script again at a new location. (Tip: Start recording after you’ve selected the first note.)

It would certainly be nice to have a dedicated feature similar to (but hopefully better named than) Finale’s “Smart Find and Paint” feature.

In the meantime, the most efficient approach is to do the input in one staff and then copy and paste it, and use Lock Duration to repitch the whole lot, which will retain all of the articulations.