Select audio events within selected range? Or other solution for my macro?

Hi! I’m working on a macro (or two, really) but one piece is missing.

What I want to do is be able to Range Select a middle part of an Audio Event (so far I’ve only considered a scenario with one audio event, but hopefully it will work with multiple as well) - so not spanning over the event start or end. Then I want to remove what’s before my selection and apply a fade in the length of the range. (Same thing with the other macro, but removing the end and fading out.)

What I thought I could do was (after Range Selection):

  • Edit - Cut Head
  • Audio - Adjust Fades to Range

But after Cut Head the range disappears. Don’t know why it’s programmed to do so? And I can’t make the fades before cutting, because that applies both a fade in and out.

So instead I’m doing (after Range Selection):

  • Transport - Locate Selection End
  • Edit - Cut Head
  • Audio - Fade In to Cursor

However, the issue is selecting a range over an audio event doesn’t actually select the event. Meaning that the third command of the macro doesn’t apply to the event under my selection range.

I thought I could add “Edit - Select Events under Cursor”, but 1. that would select other overlapping events and 2. it doesn’t seem to work for Audio? It is greyed out in my menu.

Is there an option to select events within/under selection range? Will I have to use the PLE, if it’s even possible to set it up there?

Thanks in advance!