Select Automation track with PLE

I always do it with right click in the automation lane-select all events and click delete, super fast.
But don’t know why “select all events” is not available as a command in PLE or key commands…
Many options aren’t available as key commands, unbelievable.

Could you explain what you expect to be able to do, and what you can’t do?

I mean Select All is a basic command, and is available as a KC and thus also in the PLE, and I don’t understand how that would differ from Select All Events. Edit – (oh, on selected track)

Select all events on selected track?
You can configure your own key command, easily.

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not on the track, on the automation lane.

It’s the same command.

If the automation track is selected, it selects all events on the automation track.
I don’t know where the problem could be.

I did a quick test some seconds ago, and it just works.

I didn`t expect much, I was commenting an alternate way to erase automation. It would be great to have more available key commands as this one (select all events in automation lane) and many others.
Now comes to my mind Control room panel, volume, listen and metronome levels,etc none are assignable to key commands.

it selects all events in all automation lanes not in the desired one, unless I`m doing something wrong.

Either you’re selecting multiple automation tracks, using the wrong command, or something else…

And Steffan tested it too.

The select all events in Edit Menu should work?
You say that if I select the corresponding automation lane, add that command and erase it will clear that only lane? I ll try it again but I couldn`t make it work (not at my studio right now)

There’s no command exactly called Select All Events

There’s Select All, and Select All on Tracks

This is probably the source of your frustration, if you’re frustrated.

yes, select all, sorry.
I`m not frustrated at all :grin:

I`ll check again, thanks

Select all on tracks made the trick, at least I could do it with a macro.
Couldn´t make it work with a PLE, couldn´t get selected just one automation lane.

Could you share the precise goal of this work flow?

Here’s a way to do something. Maybe you can use this to Lego together what you need.

Automation tracks have to be addressed by name, but since same-named automation tracks might exist on many tracks, you need to use Property>Property is Set>Parent Object is selected to filter in the one you need to modify.

Do that selection either manually, or use a PLE preset to first select the track, and put the preset that selects the automation track in a post-process Command.

Select Parent track

Select automation track

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