Select both top notes and slurs/dynamics

I love the option to filter by top note or single note. I have a full score that I wrote condensed, and I want to expand it out to individual parts (Flute 1&2 expanded out to two Flute parts, for example).

But when I filter by top note or single, it doesn’t pick up the slurs or dynamics, so the new individual part doesn’t include these items.

Is there an easy way to do this? Just copy the slurs and dynamics in a separate batch, for a total of three passes? Explode?

What about first copy both voices into both parts, then select top/bottom note to delete it? This way dynamics & slurs would persist.

But the beauty of the filter is that it’s “top note or single.” So because the parts often alternate between unison (a 2) or two notes, this is the only way to grab both.

AFIAK, there’s no way to delete only the bottom notes of chords but leave unisons alone.

EDIT: Although your way may actually be faster - just select the bits that have multiple notes, and delete the second part from them.

This is probably a tough one for the Dorico team.

I have no idea how feasible this is, but when I was using Notion it had a copy special / past special dialogue popup that listed various notation elements with checkboxes next to each. You could select as many or as few of them as you wanted, notes, articulations, etc. I think it included a check-box for slurs and ties, or at least some more general category that would capture them.

This would be ideal, but again, I have no idea how hard it is to implement such a thing.

The checkbox-based multi-filter is a Finale thing as well. It feels “wrong” in terms of Dorico’s UI, though I can’t say why. But it would sure be nice for this sort of thing.

Filters are one of those things you often don’t need, but when you do, you REALLY do.

In fact I do plan to add a dialog that will allow you to select multiple things at once, though I can’t say for sure when we will add it.

Good to know, Daniel, thanks.