Select Chord symbols and create slash region

Hello, I want select chord symbols copy to another bar, but I can’t use the shift key to select chord symbols, how to select multiple bar to copy chord symbols. And I use shift key to select multiple part to create slash region but it create slash region only on the top part, how to create slash region on multiple part. Thank you!!

Welcome to the forum, Ken. The easiest way to select multiple chord symbols is using Edit > Select More: select the first chord symbol, then invoke this command (either via the menu or the shortcut) to select more chord symbols in the same bar, then across the system, then throughout the flow. You can also use marquee selection to select chord symbols.

Dorico doesn’t support the creation of slash regions across multiple staves at the present time, but you can quickly reproduce them to additional staves by using Edit > Paste Special > Duplicate to Staff Below, to which you can assign a key command, or access via the jump bar.

Thanks for your reply, the Duplicate to Staff Below worked, But I hope can creat slash regions across multiple staves in the new version of dorico.

And the select more can select more chord symbols, but I only want to copy 32 measures chord symbols, how to do that. Thank you!

One way to select those chord symbols would be to use the system track to select everything in those 32 bars:

Then use Edit > Filter > Chord Symbols to leave only the chord symbols selected.

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If you don’t want to use the system track, select the 1st symbol, ctrl-click the last symbol, ctrl-shift-A to select all symbols in between.

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I try to select all symbols in between with command+shift+A, but it doesn’t work.

Select More does with chord symbols only exactly the things Daniel described in post #2 above. The technique of {select all between the two selected objects} does not work with chord symbols, in either 3.5 or 4.2. It would be great if it did!

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