Select copy/paste

Selection is driving me round the twist…
What is the best way to select everything on twenty pages, so I can paste it somewhere else with baronies, time signatures etc. intact.
Dragging round it is not working because I can’t use shift to extend it.
Zooming out doesn’t work because I can’t get every page on the screen.
Please help…?

Can you use the Home/End keys while holding the mouse for a marquee selection?

No because I’m on a laptop. I must be missing something, this can’t be as difficult as it seems…

I don’t think you’re missing anything, to be honest. If you want to copy EVERYTHING then would it make more sense to duplicate the flow in setup mode?

Oh, also, I’m pretty sure I’ve scrolled while making a marquee selection, at least on my MacBook. I’m not sure whether my Windows laptop’s touchpad is sophisticated enough to do that (or even the touchpad driver!)

It’s not an entire flow and I’m trying to copy it from one file to another.
I can select the first note and the last barline, but then it pastes without barlines or time signatures. Once selected, I can’t shift-add signposts to the selection.

I seem unable to scroll whilst dragging. Also, when zoomed out even a bit, the drag rectangle disappears.
This is basic stuff - it can’t be this difficult.

What’s about exporting the flow and importing into the other project, and tweaking there?

Alternatively, copy it in chunks, I guess.

I’ve imported the flow, duplicated and am now deleting unwanted bits from each flow.
‘Split flow’ is losing about 100 bars at the end of the piece - they’re literally disappearing.

There must be a better way to copy and paste chunks of music.

I did some experimenting. You can add to a marquee selection by holding the key while dragging.

Do you find you can zoom out further if you use Galley view.

By the way, Daniel’s admitted in the past that the current tools for selection aren’t “complete”, as far as he’s concerned. They should improve at some point in the future.

Thanks for the help. I hope that there will be some kind of measure selection in the future. This would have been two seconds in Finale and its been two hours in Dorico.
So much is so quick to do in Dorico that it makes it worse when you do have to fight the interface.

What happens if you select the beginning note/place, then Shift-click at the end? Does that not highlight everything?

No it doesn’t. It selects all the notes, but pastes without the time signatures. These can also not be shift-added by clicking them.

We are working on a new user interface element to make this kind of selection easier in the future.