Select cue label - tiny?

An important part of my proofreading is checking the accuracy of cues in all parts. It’s easy to miss them, though.

I can Filter–Select Only–Cues, but all that’s selected is the cue label… which also gets super tiny when selected.

That seems wrong. But moreover, I’d love for Filter Select to be able to somehow highlight the entire cue in a more visible way (similar to the “suggest cue” feature) so I could quickly scan the cues in the parts.

Try switching on View > Highlight Cues, which shows you where your cues are. It’s designed behaviour that you cannot select the notes in a cue.

However, it’s not normally the case that the cue label changes size when you select the cue: can you attach a project that reproduces that problem?

When I returned to the project this morning, I’m now unable to reproduce the issue. Apparently a relaunch fixed it… apologies.

Also, I didn’t know about Highlight Cue. Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!