Select different layouts in the toolbar

Since the update to Dorico 4.1, I can no longer expand/select the different layouts in the toolbar. But it works with keyboard shortcuts.
I work with Windows (Windows 11 Pro).
Does anyone know the solution to this problem? Thank you!

Do you have multiple displays connected to your computer? If so, that could be the cause of the problem: on some systems, the menu only opens on the primary display.

Thank you very much! Yes, it is like that, I use a second screen, it doesn’t work there. It works on the primary screen.
Is the problem simply a question of the settings of the second screen?

Unfortunately there’s nothing simple about it. The problem is not in Dorico itself directly but rather in the underlying application framework that Dorico relies upon, which it is difficult (though not impossible) for us to change. We are hoping that their developers will fix some of these problems soon, so that we don’t have to get our own hands dirty.

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