Select & edit articulations in Play mode


I am trying to set up a workflow in Dorico involving expression maps for Vienna’s Symphonic Cube. Given the high number of articulations available for each instrument in the Cube, after much trying I have abandoned the idea of creating custom (playback) playing techniques and triggering these from within Write mode.

I believe that extending Dorico with the possibility to specify-edit-trigger articulations from within Play mode, e.g. using the playing technique lane, would constitute a very useful alternative. While Dorico will not let you do that currently, I was wondering whether there are plans to extend Dorico in this sense in the future.

I imagine something similar as in Cubase, in which you can insert articulations in a dedicated controller lane. I have to immediately add, though, that I would favour a somewhat different approach, avoiding multiple articulation lanes stacked on top of each other as is the case in Cubase (and which is not practical once you work with several tens of articulations). It might be handier to use only one lane (Dorico’s playing technique lane) or perhaps allow a few lanes (e.g. one lane per exclusion group) so as to keep a clear overview of the articulations. The selection of articulations could be done by right-clicking at/under a note’s position, which would then display a drop-down menu from which to select from the articulations specified in your expression map; i.e., more or less as in Cubase when inserting a per-note articulation (attribute) from the Info Line in the MIDI key editor.

I could of course migrate to Cubase but - as many in this forum, I suppose - I prefer to write in a score and then refine playback in the piano roll, rather than writing in the piano roll directly.

Dorico increasingly provides an ideal blend between score layout and MIDI editing capabilities; adding the possibility to trigger articulations from within Play mode would greatly enhance my type of workflow, so I was wondering whether there are any plans in this direction?

Note that, apart from one more or less related post (item (4) in Play Tab Improvements - Dorico 3.5?) I couldn’t find much information in the forum related to this question.


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In principle we don’t have any objection to allowing the editing of playing techniques via Play mode, but it’s not something we have concrete plans for at the moment.