Select empty instruments

I’ve been working on a large orchestral score and I have distributed different percussion instruments between the different percussion players with some accidental redundant duplications.

This resulted in some instruments being “held” by the player even though they have no music in them.

Is there a way to automatically select or flag those empty instruments?

@Michael_Seltenreich I know only the function Delete Empty Players… that you find in Setup menu. It doesn’t work at instrument level though.

No, there’s no way to automatically delete empty Instruments.

You could add all percussionists to a Layout, in Write mode, activate Galley view (so that all Instruments are visible), and then go back to Setup mode.

At least this way you could “easily” see which Instruments are not used and delete them one by one?..

Or go to Play mode to easily see and make a list of which Instruments are empty.

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That’s what I did, but for my 500 bar / 3 flow project, this wasn’t trivial and very error prone. Hopefully I didn’t remove something important

How many instruments are there all up?

I’d say about 40-50 individual instruments and kits


Something that may make the Galley-view option easier would be to select the entire stave of music for the whole flow. As you press End to navigate to the right, you’ll quickly see if instrument has nothing in it without having to check if you’re looking at the same stave etc.

I’m not getting how you mean. It’s skipping a lot of music no?

Following and adding to @DanielMuzMurray 's advice (put all perc. player in a layout), you can also create a filter for each instrument in Galley view, so that you visualise only once at a time, and can see if it contains any music (this would work best only for instrument not being in a kit).

@Michael_Seltenreich, one more thing:

If you do select the entire stave of an instrument, down the bottom in the Status Bar, if there is nothing in the staff then the selection will just have the bar numbers displayed:

Screen Shot 2024-05-04 at 1.18.25 pm

If there is content - and this is any content- then it will show “Multiple selection”:

Screen Shot 2024-05-04 at 1.18.53 pm

I don’t think there is any more to be said!


Oh that’s neat!!