"Select Events Under Cursor" only works in "Edit in Place"?

Hi -

Can’t seem to make this work in my MIDI Editor window:

  1. Put cursor to the left of a MIDI event.
  2. Hit “L” on the keyboard, and watch the cursor go to the start of the next MIDI event (as desired and expected).
  3. Do the key command for “Select Events Under Cursor”.

That’s where the problem is - the MIDI note remains unselected, it just sits there in its original color, not gray/black like when I click on it with the mouse to select it manually.

This same key command that won’t work to select the event in the MIDI Editor works just fine in the “Edit In Place” window.

FWIW, I have “Auto Select event under cursor” turned “Off” in Preferences. I don’t want events to be selected automatically, just if in certain cases (in which case I might use this command).

Can anyone point me please to something I’m doing wrong?

Thanks -

I’m going to rephrase this one …

I’d like to be able to have the cursor move to the next MIDI note and then have that note only be selected (in other words, I don’t want all the other notes that the cursor is touching to be selected as well).

The big picture is I want to write a macro to quickly create MIDI harmony notes based on the existing MIDI melody notes. I figured it would go something like:

  1. Cursor to next MIDI note
  2. Select that MIDI note
  3. Copy it
  4. Paste it

I’m currently doing each of these steps manually, then I drag the pasted MIDI note (which is pasted directly on top of the original note) up or down to make the harmony. My macro can do step #s 1,3,4 - but I can’t figure out how to get step #2 done.

Can someone tell me what the key commands are for that please, especially step #2? Apparently I’m not able to do figure that out. :blush: :frowning:

Thanks much -


Is it necesassary the first step: Cursor on the next note? Why? You can use just right arrow (maybye Cmd/Ctrl + right arrow, I’m not sure, now) to select next note, it will played, and you can work with it? Why the cursor moving?

Thank you, Martin!

Cursor moving because I cut/PASTE the note on top of itself, so I can then drag it to the correct harmony position.

BUT - you have saved me - the arrow key is the way to go!

Now I have a two-stroke macro to find the next melody note, copy/paste it in place. Then I make the harmony, and repeat!

Thanks! :smiley:

I’m pleased.