Select every second MIDI note?

For example, If I wanted to select every second hihat hit and modify the velocities together (which I do all the time). I’m not very good with the logical editor. This has got to be pretty easy to program, I just haven’t taken the time to sit down and really learn it.

If anyone could suggest a preset or what parameters to enter, I’d appreciate it!

Not at my DAW right now to give exact details. But one of the included (MIDI) Logical Editor Presets is an example for modifying every other note. I seem to recall it is obvious which one it is by the name.

I tried modifying “Delete each 5th note” but the problem is that it’s not limiting the action to the notes I have selected, rather when I execute the script, it selects every 2nd note from the entire sequence (i.e. all the drums, not just hats). Obviously I need to enter a parameter that will limit to my selection, but I’m at a loss for how to do that.

Ahh, you want to add an additional AND criteria to the top section of the LE that only Selects Selected Notes (if that makes sense). Can you post an image of the LE so we can see what you are doing.

Sure thing. Here you go. I think I’m close, but still missing something.

OK, that is pretty much what I would have done. And you’re right it doesn’t give the expected result. But it seems to be related to the Function at the bottom being set to Select. If for example I change the Function to Transform and add in the bottom section for it to change the MIDI Channel number to 3 it works as expected - none of the non-Selected notes change Channels and for the Selected notes every other one is changed to 3.

So you have the general concept correct but in this specific case (selecting from only the already selected) it doesn’t work. Not sure if this is the expected behavior or not - but it seems wrong to me. I’ll play around with it some more. As a workaround you could remove the ‘already selected’ criteria so it will work on all the notes. Then cut up your MIDI Parts so a Part only has Notes you want to process or only notes you don’t want to Process. But that is pretty ugly & not always possible.

If you are doing this to accent specific notes there is an alternate approach where instead of basing it on every other note you base it on the position within the bar. Take a look at the attached LE Preset which increases the velocity +15 for Notes on beats 1 and 3. FYI this works fine on Selected Notes only. I have another one that increases beats 2 and 4 by +8. Stick those in a Macro & add as a Key Command and you get one-key accenting where any notes not on a beat (or within the range you set) will be at the original Velocity and the beats accented accordingly.

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I’m interested in seeing how this pans out, as I would use something like this a lot.

Instead of having “select” down the bottom, is there a way to “deselect” the unwanted notes from the selected sequence? So doing what you aim, but the reverse?

Forgive me if I’m preaching to the choir. I’m also not in front of logical editor right now.

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I had a similar issue a while back: needing to edit just one instrument in a drum part. I’m afraid, not wanting to break my concentration by working out a logical edit, I took the easy way out; shrunk the part to it’s minimum to easily select just those notes, copied, deleted and pasted them to a new part.

I fully intend becoming more experienced with the LE, so thanks Rodger for your ideas.

Just wanted to check in on this thread. Has anybody had any luck with this? The closest I’ve gotten is @raino’s preset, but it’s still not quite right. I know for a fact that it’s possible, as I had a LE preset that worked on an older version of Cubase. Would have been sure to hold onto it if I knew this was going to be such a difficult thing to figure out!

Here is a logical editor to subtract 30 velocity values from every other note. You can change the action target in the bottom to do other things but this should help.


A macro could be created (if you want just to select the notes and do the processing afterwards).

1. Process Logical Preset - extract every other note (screenshot below)
2. Edit - Select None

LE preset (screenshot)

After you run this macro on a note selection, execute Edit > Undo.
Voilà! Every other note is selected.


This is gold.

I suspect no, but is there a macro for select none and undo? As I’d like to “macro-ize” this whole sequence.

You guessed it, but…

If you use a Mac, then through AppleScript, Bome Midi Translator Pro (BMTP) and SendMidi you can create all kinds of macros.

On Windows, an equivalent to BMTP and AppleScript is AutoHotKey. You’ll also need loopMIDI (because on Windows, creating a virtual MIDI port is not native to the OS, as it’s the case with macOS).

On both operating systems, you’ll need a software called Open Stage Control (to map the macros to different buttons on a GUI (Graphical User Interface), and even on a second keyboard (a keyboard that is plugged into the computer running the client).

Something im not sure many know about it that you can drag and drop a selection of notes or events from the arranger onto the PLE panel and it will populate the selection criteria for you (based on what you draged across of course)

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I haven’t tried it, but building on @alin89c ‘s solution above, in Cubase 12 and above it is possible to add Pre and Post commands to your PLE. Adding an Undo command to the Post Operations would make OP’s wish complete.
Alternatively, the PLE and Undo command could be combined into a Macro.

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my word yes, I often save a PLE as one of the post or pre slots in there, that way, you can have the apply logical preset panel sort of ‘open’ to the side, like, leave it open, it won’t close after running a macro if you’ve picked it up and put it somewhere different to where it first appeared. I feel like the PLE, LE, input transformer and a couple of other things could all actually be presented as the same thing.

After searching many years I found it. How select every other note for draw down Hihat.

Check the Picture