select from montage drag to view in WAV

Moving from WL6 to 9 and there was a handy feature I cannot find anymore - I need to manually process declicking and other restoration. Usually listening in montage, I would hear it, select the few seconds, then drag to the empty screen area and the source WAV would pop open right at the selection time. Then I could process just the selection or find tics etc and declick or what have you. Is this still available? It seems now when I do this I only get a new selection WAV no matter where I drag it too on the screen. Thank you.

Thank you. Interesting that I can have the Source WAV pop open to my selected area if I right click and then mouse click “Edit Source” But is I type the quick key “E” from that window, it pops open the plug in option. Seems Wavelab still has not figured out how to get their quick keys correct

WL allows you to freely change most of the standard key shortcuts to your liking, so I would guess this one as well.