Select highest/lowest notes


I’ve been able to create a Logical Editor function to select the bottom notes of any chords in the Key Editor [see image attachment].

However, I’ve been unable to figure out how to make a function to select the highest notes of a chord. I know there’s the function “Select Highest Note” but that’s for the highest note occurring in a passage, whereas I’d like to be able to select the highest notes in a passage of chords.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your time.


Hi Paul,
yes, this is possible. It took me some time to figure this one out and from what I can recall (I’m not on the studio machine at the moment)
The steps should be something like this:
1.) you have to look for a chord first - for example consisting of 3 notes and than select the highest note
2.) as a next step - use brackets - look for every chord consisting of 4 notes and select the highest one
3.) same procedure for 5-note chords, 6-notes… you get the idea.
If this is too unclear for you I can check the exact LE when I’m back in the studio.

Thanks for replying.

Is this something that can be programmed to be executed over an entire passage? Or does it have to be done by the chord?

My goal is to be able to select the top or bottom notes of any passage no matter the number of notes in a chord for orchestration purposes.