Select/ In Loop selects more than loop

Why does it select more parts than are in the loop? Sometimes it’s an extra part to the right of the right locator, other times it’s in both left and right directions. I only want to select everything inside of the loop (L, R) so that I can for example grab the Chorus and duplicate it elsewhere. It keeps selecting other pieces outside of the loop range. What am I doing wrong? thx

^ In this example, shouldn’t it only have selected the second kick piece all the way down in all of the tracks and not the pieces to the left and right since I set the loop to surround that second kick?


This function select all events, which is in the loop (even one frame). If the loop ends and the event starts at, the event is in the loop in fact.

Are you talking about these events, which start at 49, right?

ah ok. So upon checking my events, I realized that they are all off a tiny bit: lol how did they all get that way? When I Quantize to the nearest bar, they land correctly at and end at and now the Select In Loop function works properly.


Then I was wrong. :wink: When the right-locator is placed on 49.1.1 and the event starts at 49.1.1, the event is not selected. :wink: