Select last note in a phrase

Hi folks,

a newbie here, trying to get my head around Cubase. So far things flow quite easily, but a question:

is there a chance to somehow select a last note inside a region? I’m often wanting to select a group of notes and make them legato, and in that case I don’t usually want to select the last note.

And similarly, because of some negative midi offsets, I’d like to be able to select only the first note in a region, and slip it forward a couple of ms…

So far haven’t been able to figure this out with logical editor/macros.


Jussi L.

For the last note, in the key or score editor, select all, then do Shift-Left it will deselect the last note.

For the first note you can simply hit Right and it will select the first note, or use the Context variable Last Event with Event Counter less than 2.

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excellent, many thanks!