Select last note of every 4 bar phrase


Can anyone point me to how I might lengthen the last note of every 4 bar phrase?

I am used to using the Logic function ‘select all similar positions’ or something like that.

I’ve looked at using the Logical Editor, but it seems it would be complicated…


You could use Position:Inside Bar Range, but that won’t give you the multiple selection you asked about.

If you can post the exact function you used in Logic you might get a better answer.

Yeah it’s easy to do in the Logical Editor based on the position in a single measure. But only if the “last note” falls on a specific position, for example beat 4. But if the last note in the bar falls on different positions, sometimes beat 4, other times beat 2& or beat 3, etc. then the LE probably won’t work without selecting notes you don’t want selected. If the “last note” did occur at different positions, but none of the not-last notes ever fell on those positions it could still work since you can set up multiple ranges.

However if your “last notes” fall on a constant position(s) I think there is a potential workaround for the single bar limitation. Temporarily set your time signature to 16/4 (assuming you are in 4/4). Now you’ll have one really long measure that is the length of four 4/4 bars. Then you can use the logical editor to select the “last notes.” I have not tried this, but think it will work.

If you need to repeatedly select those same notes over & over there is another trick you can use, even if you are forced to initially select the notes by hand. Once you have the notes selected set the notes to some attribute you don’t normally use. For example with the notes selected, change the voice on the info line to “soprano.” Now you can create a Logical Editor preset to select only those soprano notes.

Thanks for the replies guys.

I had a look in Logic, and the functions was ‘select same subposition’, but as it turns out, that also only works within every bar and not across phrases.

Rodger I tried your trick and it work really well!

Thanks again chaps