Select License to Upgrade

I have been inactive in this forum for several months, among the fact that for various reasons I had to keep my MacBook at a system level that would not support Dorico Pro 2. Today I finally upgraded to High Sierra (I know, my signature is out of date, I’ll get to it), and bout Dorico 2. I entered the Activation Code as requested and now find myself looking at a page inviting me to Select License to Upgrade.

I’m offered a choice between “Upgradable Licenses” and a long number with the subtitle “Soft e-Licenser (Sel.)” Which do I choose? (I have only installed Dorico on this one computer, and never had the USB-thing.)

This is a question that I thought surely must have been asked and clarified months ago, but all my forum searches for “upgradable” and similar terms lead to only one mention (there surely must be more, but I can’t find them). I apologize for wasting people’s time, but what is the meaning of these two alternatives? Thank you.

You should be able to simply choose your existing “Soft e-Licenser”, which is where your Dorico 1.x license should be found. Let me know if that doesn’t work!

Thank you for the speedy reply. I did choose “Soft e-Licenser” as you said, and while I went through a strange few moments of the Control Center telling me I didn’t have a license to update and needed to choose something else, when I restarted everything it all seemed to work correctly, and so it continues to do. So I think all is well!

While I’m here: (I imagine this was repeatedly asked and answered last May, but again I can’t locate a topic for it) Ought I to download any of the other files that the Download Assistant offers? Sound files and such? Or are they the same as in Dorico 1?

The sound libraries haven’t changed, at least not since 2.0 (before that, I don’t know).