Select MIDI in channel number

Hi, I’m trying to setup my Arturia Keystep Pro with Cubase Artist 8.0.40.
The setup in Cubasis 3.1.1 for iOS was plain easy, but I can not find a way to select a MIDI in channel for the KSP in Cubase.
I checked the MIDI device manager and did add 4 KSP with cannels 1, 2, 3 & 10 as shown in the manual.

I bet I am overlooking a setting. Hope one of you can point me to the right direction.

See picture with comparing the routing inspectors.

Below where it says ‘synthmasterone’
there be a number 1

Nice guess airflamesred! But that number is for midi OUT.
I’m looking for a way to set the midi IN channel, which should logically be situated under KeyStep Pro MIDI IN.

Terry on the Aturia forum pointed me to a video he about how to use midi channel input transformer with the Aturia BeatStep Pro.

Beats me, why Steinberg did not implement a simple pulldown like Cubasis has.

So as a matter of interest, why do you need to differentiate between incoming midi channels?

The KeyStep Pro is a 4 track hardware sequencer with 4 midi channels.
Another situation could be daisy-chaining some midi drumpads and midi keyboards.