Select Midi Track from Mixer channel? (not instrument)

Just updated to 7.5 and I have a question that may be obvious-

I’m pretty oldschool and most of my projects use a midi track to control a VSTi in the instrument rack. When I click on/use the Instrument track in the fancy new mixer (which is now on a third screen, wohoo!) I’d like the midi track associated with that instrument track to become selected in the arrange window. It’s frustrating, because if you are playing a VSTi and go to change it’s level, it deselects the midi track in the arrange window, and you can no longer play.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a work-around?

Thanks in advance!

  • Oops - I didn’t mean the arrange window, I meant the project window!

I want it to work a bit like the relationship between the VST instrument rack and the project window; i.e, when you select a midi track that is driving the VSTi, the VST instrument is highlighted and the quick controls appear in the instrument rack.

I want to select a channel in the mixer and have the midi track be selected in the project window…

if that makes sense!