Select More skips dynamics within system

I use Select More to select all dynamics in a system so I can use the Align Dynamics command on them, but very often dynamics are being skipped or selected from a system before or after. Before I start with the dynamic alignment, I always select (in Write Mode) the full score and ungroup them. What could be the reason the dynamics are not always selected correctly in a system with the Select More command?

Is there any consistency in what gets selected and what is skipped? Like immediate vs gradual dynamics?

Not that I can see. Most of the time it does select all dynamics, but lots of times it does not, no matter if I select a gradual or immediate dynamic. I don’t see a pattern here.

Well, I’m sure I’ll be able to work it out in the debugger, so please provide the most minimal case you can (do File > Save As on the project that reproduces the problem, delete all bars except for those needed to reproduce the problem, and all players bar the one you’re looking at, and zip that up and attach it here).

Here is a part in which I see this happening. Select in bar 20 the first dynamic and then use Select More to get the rest of the dynamics in that system. On my computer this cannot be done. It will skip the dynamics in that system but selects the dynamics in the rest of the score.
Select more (775 KB)


Select more did not work on percussion parts (june 2019), i do not know if that has changed.

But it should work in dynamics in general, or not? Is this also depending on the kind of instrument?

Select More works on one stave, unless you’ve told it to work across multiple staves. Despite appearances, your part layout contains multiple staves - Dorico is automatically switching between them. If you want Select More to select dynamics across all of the instruments in this layout, you need to explicitly select one dynamic from each of the instruments before using Select More.

This would be exactly the same if the part layout belonged to a player that held e.g. a Flute and a Piccolo.

Ah, right. Now I understand what’s happening here. Every instrument has its own stave. Thanks for clarifying this for me.