Select more than one Chord Symbol with Shift+Click?

I’m new to Dorico and I need help.

Normally, in WRITE mode, I can click any object to select it, hold SHIFT while clicking on another similar item, and add it to the selection. This method doesn’t seem to work with Chord Symbols. I can select a Chord Symbol by clicking it, but if I hold shift and click a second Chord Symbol, it is not added to the selection. Can anyone confirm this behavior?

I still have the ability to lasso a Marquee around adjacent chord symbols and select them this way, but the above shift click method doesn’t work. Without the ability to “SHIFT/click”, I can only “OPTION/click” copy one chord symbol at a time. (unless I lasso select chords as I described.) This feels like a bug to me? Can anyone confirm this?

This is an intentional decision by the developers. For history, read this:
Long story short: it used to be possible to shift-select chord symbols but it was also incredibly easy to globally delete or move them.

If you want to select a batch of chord symbols then either select one and then go Edit > Select More (which I’ve assigned to Ctrl+Shift+A), or select the relevant bars with the System Track and then go Edit > Filter > Filter Chord Symbols.

Thanks for the heads up.

Yeah, this really threw for a loop when I couldn’t select. So much so, I came here to post. In this case I believe a one-time warning bubble is appropriate (“Shift/Click” on multiple Chord Symbols is prohibited. Use alternate method. Do not not show this again.)Purely because this is inconsistent and unpredictable behavior. Perhaps I can set up a key command for “filter chord symbols”? The filter is handy, but it requires a fair bit of hand eye coordination and concentration to navigate through multiple drop menus and select which item to filter. There are so many to choose from.

Thanks again.

You can certainly set up a key command for Filter Chord Symbols.

Good to know. Filter “Chords” and filter “Lyrics” desperately need key commands for me this week. Thanks.

Thanks, so here’s a quick update. “select more” selects adjacent chords in both directions to the end of the system so that won’t work for me. Alternately, using the “system track” as a selecting method looks promising, except it selects everything except the chord symbols, thus filtering the chord symbols from the selection is impossible. Is there an alternate method?

Okay, pilot error. I have to click the right corner box of the SYSTEM TRACK to get it to select! Got it!