Select More..

I find myself using Select More a lot these days - very useful.

One thing though, it doesn’t appear to copy tuplets so that any notes that are copied are pasted back at the full note value.

You’d probably need to cmd-click the tuplet number along with notes for the tuplets to be included in the selection. That’s a “Dorico” thing (because Dorico does exact tuplets, they’re a separate thing from the individual notes. At least that’s what I understood about them)

Thanks Marc and thanks for the explanation.

I did eventually work cmd-click out although for me rather than a lot of clicking (tuplets are rarely one-offs) I’ve settled on selecting the passage in galley view and then filtering - which is probably what I did before Select More was introduced.

I was just surprised to see tuplets weren’t included.

If a tuplet is selected as part of the “original” selection, then Select More will select more tuplets.

Brilliant. Thanks.