Select More

Is there a way to have “Select More” of something go from bar to then “next double bar” then to entire flow? I think it’s bar/system/entire flow right now.

I think that would be a welcome refinement. Maybe it would be nice to have this feature especially in Galley view, where system boundaries don’t apply.

would “select to bar # x” be more generally useful ?

Yes, that’s also possible, if you happen to know the bar number you need. Alternatively: select till next rehearsal mark. Or: select till rehearsal mark X (would require UI for inputting it). Just a few thoughts. I wonder if some of this even exists already (I’m not behind Dorico right now).

outside of the system track, I don’t think so. There’s a goto bar number function (although I can’t find it in the manual) .
Goto is another place where a next “Section” would be useful, additionally to select-to.
where “section” could be user-predefined to include a rehearsal letter, double bar, … perhaps even {coda/sign, keychange, timechange, tempochange, NthEnding, etc…}

You could use the system track, turn on bar numbers (just while you edit) or go to galley mode to figure out bar numbers.